10 Fun Questions to Ask Yourself PRE-Baby

When you’re pregnant, at least with your first, there seems to be a lot of stuff we KNOW. We are definitely going to do that, and OMG, we are NOT going to do that. And, this one’s great…”Did you see what that mother did?!” ..thinking to ourselves, that will NEVER be me.

Or less obvious ones. Even though we hear most parents talk about sleep deprivation or breastfeeding challenges or any topic that affects new parents, we might think, somehow, that will not be us. Or maybe that was just me?! Here’s just a few ways my ‘mommy reality’ differed from my preggers know-it-all: I Thought I Knew.

If you’re pregnant now, or going to be, PERFECT. This is a  revealing and fun questionnaire to fill out PRE-baby.  The ‘fun’ is in waiting 3 years (or 6 months) and pulling this page out to see just how different your pre-baby brain worked compared to the reality of being a parent. It’s best that they are open-ended questions rather than multiple choice since there’s so many options for how to parent. Print the PDF below, write as much as you’d like for each question, be specific if you have specific ideas, and break it down into baby’s ages and stages if things will be different when they’re 3 months compared to 9 months or 4 years. Do a different sheet for each age if you want to really get into it. When you’re done, file it away in a safe place, and forget about it.

When I become a parent…

1. The most important thing to me is:

2. Our family values are:

3. When it comes to getting sleep, I am going to:

4. Regarding breastfeeding, I plan to:

5. I think setting boundaries should start when my child is:

6. To me, discipline means:

7. If my child has a tantrum or acts unruly n a public place, I will probably:

8. When it comes to disciplining, I think my partner and I will each take on these roles:

9: I imagine my significant other will be the this kind of parent:

10: The people in my life I will most like seek advice from are:

Download PDF:  The Baby Spa – 10 Parenting Questions

I think my husband was more aligned with the thoughts he had before Zander arrived compared to the reality of being a parent. For me, I changed as a person within the first few days of meeting him. Everyone’s different, and every child is different. I think the best thing we can do is keep an open mind and a sense of humor 🙂

I’d love to hear your experience with this!

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Becca Starr
Becca Starr lives in Southern California with her husband Matt, their two babies, Zander and Athena, and their sweet yorkie, Lulu. She writes articles that support parents in parenting and relationships for IMC and other health, beauty and parenting websites. You can get in touch with her through IMC's contact page.