Benefits of IMC | Infant Massage Certification

Helping Professionals, Families, and Babies


IMC Professional Standard

We provide certification for Doulas, Midwives, and Massage Therapists. IMC delivers the highest quality education, the most trusted and experienced teachers and ongoing support to every student. Our curriculum is easy to follow, includes video and text, comprehensive information, as well as chapter quizzes to help prepare for the final exam. We are committed to your success.


Teach Others

Becoming a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, you will be able to teach Parents, Caregivers, and other Professionals


Convenient & Flexible

We bring you the best of live workshops with the convenience and flexibility of learning at home.


Affordable Training

Our outstanding curriculum is budget friendly.


How Does it Help?

Infant Massage has MANY benefits. It relaxes colicky babies, helps parents bond and provides amazing, long-term benefits to infants. See below for a more extensive list of benefits.


Infant massage has the power to calm a colicky baby, help constipation, hiccups, colds, fussiness, irritability, and much more. It provides benefits for the baby and also has amazing affects on the whole family and environment.


Attachment and Bonding - “Secure Attachment” is the #1 theory to help children grow into emotionally healthy adults. Infant massage is one of the first opportunities to bond successfully.


Relaxation - Infant Massage releases endorphins and relaxes both baby and parent. It offers a unique and comforting way for baby to experience the world. It also promotes peace and can transform the entire home environment.


Better Sleep - It's best to do baby's massage before bed, most babies will fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer.


Calm Irritability - Babies can experience over-stimulation from their new world or general discomfort from newly developing digestive systems. Infant massage calms colicky babies, reduces gas, and alleviates stress by releasing endorphins which are a natural pain reliever.


Immune System - Baby’s immune system is boosted by deeper relaxation from massage. Less stress assists infants, as well as adults, in keeping healthy.


Circulatory System - Massage helps stimulate circulation and improves oxygen and nutrient delivery systems. It also aids cells in eliminating toxins.


Nervous System - Baby’s skin has many new touch receptors that are improved by massage. The nervous system is responsible for thought, emotion, sensory awareness, and many other functions that are all supported by nurturing touch.


Self Esteem – Feeling love, acceptance and trust are natural side effects for a baby who is receiving regular massage.  The bond that is created helps infants grow into children with healthy self esteem.  It also helps begin parenting in a respectful, caring direction that adds to their foundational skills.


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