FP Zen Swing Review

zen swing fpThis is a very beautiful swing, aesthetically it’s pleasing, and it is so soft. We have received many compliments on the style, the dragonfly mobile, and the overall look of the product.

Our newborn seemed to love being in this and occasionally fell asleep while swinging. I am not sure that the nature sounds or music has ever helped, which is strange because he’s usually quite responsive to music.

It is well made and from what I have seen, quite durable. Many reviewers have had problems with it’s reliability, however, after using it for a few months, nothing has ever come up.

There is a clicking noise the swing will make, which I have found with other swings that are structured the same way, and that is resolved by widening the legs. Which means it needs even more room than the very wide area it already takes up. If you have a small space that you are hoping to keep this beauty, try something else, such as the highly coveted Rock n’ Play or a much smaller option, Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat, Luv U Zoo.

The mobile, as cute as it is, is unfortunately not functional at all. It does not move or offer any type of stimulation past the baby’s first month. Now that our baby is 5 months, he does grab at it, but it does not hold his attention for long.


Some of the highlights of this product are:

  • Sophisticated look
  • Very soft material and seems cozy and comfortable
  • Seat is removable, but very bulky making that option unrealistic
  • Seat rotates 90 degrees, side to side cradle motion or front to back swing motion
  • Nature sounds and 14 Zen-like songs
  • Mobile is cute but non-functional
  • Maximum weight 25lbs
  • Average price is $140

I’m not sure that I would HIGHLY recommend this product, it IS beautiful, it’s plush, and can be used up to 25lbs. Outside of that, it’s very limited on function and mobility. If you have a large space and it matches your decor, I say go for it and get a small, portable bouncer that you can move from room to room.

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Becca Starr
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