Does Baby Massage Help Sleep?

Imagine yourself after a massage.

Actually, let's back up a bit...

Imagine yourself after a long day of sensory stimulus, you're ready to unwind.

But how can you just fall asleep if you're still processing all of it?

You lay your head down and your head works overtime, thinking about all the things that transpired.

It's too much.

My hope is that all adults unwind in healthy, fulfilling ways with family, self-care, and rejuvenating activities, including massage on a regular basis.

I know this isn't always the case, but I hope you can begin to see some of the similarities here with your little one.

More than adults, our babies are taking in so much new information, processing lights, sounds, feelings, temperature, touch - everything is new!

One of the greatest gifts I received as a parent - aside from nightly massage routines with my babies - was a sleep coach who told us to talk to our baby about what happened that day.

Even before I thought they understood or cared about any...

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How do I become a certified infant massage therapist?

This excerpt was originally posted on Seattle's Child website.

To learn more about IMC | Infant Massage Certification's course and compare, read below this section.

Both research and anecdotal evidence from families have shown that there are many ways that babies and families may benefit from infant massage.  ...the benefits can be grouped into four categories: Interaction, Stimulation, Relief and Relaxation.  

...It cost $650 to get certified and you must be 18 years of age.  Here are the details, we should note – it’s not easy!

To become certified, one must:

Attend the four day (five days if translated into another language) practical training...

  • Complete practice teachings with families.
  • Successfully complete studying, exam and evaluations.

You get to teach parents how to massage their babies for confident bonding, attachment and communication, complete health and happiness!


IMC | Infant Massage Certification offers online...

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How Long Does It Take To Become an Infant Massage Therapist?

For other programs, in order to become certified as an Infant Massage Teacher, you must attend a 3-4 day course, complete verified practicum hours, at-home assignments, and a comprehensive exam. 
The cost of these trainings range from $475-$695. 
Our course at IMC | Infant Massage Training is available to you online as soon as you register.
Each chapter takes less than one hour.
Videos and chapters are in depth and provide comprehensive, easy to understand lessons that help you gain the knowledge you need to confidently teach parents and caregivers infant massage. 
It is recommended that you use an infant massage demo doll to learn techniques:
Some of our students choose to complete the entire course quickly while others focus on one module per week.
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Moby vs. Boba Carrier Reviews

I am reviewing their WRAPS, both products come in other carrier options.

For ME, I found Moby Wrap to be awesome. They actually are both great, and once again, preference trumps all. The biggest difference to me was the fabric’s elasticity. I preferred the feel of the Moby because it was sturdy, it felt like my baby was very secure in there. Moby’s fabric is thicker, which is probably what makes it stronger.

mobyw-ol-laven-300<< Moby vs. Boba>> Square_Boba_Wrap-Beige

Side note, Moby is loved by many of my wrap-wearing mom friends. Not that I haven’t heard moms say they like Boba Wraps, just not nearly as much.

So, just so we’re clear, I loved the Moby Wrap. The funny thing is, I bought the Boba!

The reason being, in general, I run really hot.  And because it was August and Moby was so darn thick, I thought at the time that I would use the Boba until the weather got a little colder then go back and get Moby. I got home with my Boba and after a few attempts...

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Ergo Baby Carrier Review


(avg price $120)
The Ergo Carrier is used for babies a little bigger, usually starting at 12-15lbs.  They do offer an infant insert which you can use for newborns up to 4-5 months. I did not use the insert but from my online research, MANY reviewers seem to like using it. I personally have found that offline, a lot of moms I know that tried it did not like using the insert, however, they love the Ergo for their bigger babies. It is a stylish carrier usually, as stylish as a baby carrier can be. They have a lot of neutral solids to choose from, but also a nice range of prints that are very attractive. The Ergo seems very comfortable. To me, it seems worlds away from the Bjorn. During pregnancy it seemed to be compared to that one quite a bit. I understand because their structures are similar, however, they definitely do not feel the same! Again, your body type, baby’s size, and your own individual preferences play a huge part in the experience....
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Zolo Sling Review


Ahhhhhh, The Zolo Sling.

Ahhhhh….or should I say…arrrrggghhhhh!!

Ok. This was my first carrier. It was a gift. I

’ll have to post a picture of the one I have, it is so beautiful. I mean really, look at the woman above carrying this very content baby.

The design, the style, the print – it’s fabulous!

Well, not for me.

Not at all.

Come to find out, ring slings are usually best worn when you’re baby is at least 6 months, at an age when they are holding their head up unassisted.

The problem is that without that knowledge, which applies to most of us, unless MAYBE you’re 6 feet tall which I am far from, when you look at their site and you see all the tutorials and youtube videos and instructions, you think it MUST be okay for a newborn.

Yeah. Good Luck with that.

I would like to believe that in a couple of weeks when Zander is 6 months old that I could joyfully pull out this gorgeous sling and effortlessly put him on my hip,...

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Solly Wrap Review

 solly pic

This wonderfully crafted, luxuriously soft wrap is made in The USA. It is one of my favorite carriers, except for one, major drawback.

There is only one position, baby facing you.

My baby needed to face the world before he was 4 months so there have been many times I’ve put this on and had to take him right back out of it. Still, it remains one of my faves. I really like the company, their founder, their story, the pictures of their family and children’s room..I’m not stalking..I swear! It’s a feel-good product, it’s a feel-good company. Although you can use it up to 25lbs, they suggest that the best use is up to 6-9 months.

They make it very clear that this product is not meant for any other positions besides facing you. I understand, but I like it so much I had to branch out and try a few.

I have used it (shhhh) on the hip, as well as facing out. He LOVED it facing out, and just as important, I loved it. I can see why they...

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Zen Swing Review

zen swing fp

This is a very beautiful swing, aesthetically it’s pleasing, and it is so soft. We have received many compliments on the style, the dragonfly mobile, and the overall look of the product.

Our newborn seemed to love being in this and occasionally fell asleep while swinging. I am not sure that the nature sounds or music has ever helped, which is strange because he’s usually quite responsive to music.

It is well made and from what I have seen, quite durable.

Many reviewers have had problems with its reliability, however, after using it for a few months, nothing has ever come up. There is a clicking noise the swing will make, which I have found with other swings that are structured the same way, and that is resolved by widening the legs.

Which means, it needs even more room than the very wide area it already takes up. If you have a small space that you are hoping to keep this beauty, try something else, such as the highly coveted Rock n’ Play or a much smaller...

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How We Got to Sleep

Sleep. It’s a BIG topic for new parents and everyone has unique situations. Some parents choose to “sleep train” and of those, some start early and some wait longer. There are parents who decide against sleep training but change their minds when the day comes they realize everything else they’ve tried just isn’t working.

Some parents believe in the ‘cry it out’ method and others don't at all. Some use schedules and then there are parents who solely follow baby’s cues. Some babies wake once a night and for those unfortunate parents, there are babies who wake every hour on the hour. Babies who sleep a lot at the beginning may ‘regress’ or, if you're lucky, they might even continue sleeping through the night for years to come.

The point is, we all have different styles, different children, different ideas pre-baby vs. once we actually have a baby. If there's one thing that can have an effect on every area of our lives, it's...

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The Greatest Gift

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.”
There was one thing I knew years before Zander was conceived, throughout my pregnancy, and now, since he’s been here with us. The one thing through it all that has stayed strong and clear is that all Zander (or any child) needs is our presence.
It first occurred to me when my (now 17 and 13 year old) nephews were very young. I watched my mom spend time with them and she was so present, letting them play independently but she was really WITH them.
It sounds easy, so much so that you’d think it was common.
As far as I can tell though, it’s not.
It’s rare to see, and to witness it is a beautiful thing. It resonates so deeply as being truth to me and how I want to show up as a parent.
I notice if I get frustrated because Zander is fussing or not going with the flow, it’s always because I’m trying to...
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