Ergo Baby Carrier Review


(avg price $120)
The Ergo Carrier is used for babies a little bigger, usually starting at 12-15lbs.  They do offer an infant insert which you can use for newborns up to 4-5 months. I did not use the insert but from my online research, MANY reviewers seem to like using it. I personally have found that offline, a lot of moms I know that tried it did not like using the insert, however, they love the Ergo for their bigger babies. It is a stylish carrier usually, as stylish as a baby carrier can be. They have a lot of neutral solids to choose from, but also a nice range of prints that are very attractive. The Ergo seems very comfortable. To me, it seems worlds away from the Bjorn. During pregnancy it seemed to be compared to that one quite a bit. I understand because their structures are similar, however, they definitely do not feel the same! Again, your body type, baby’s size, and your own individual preferences play a huge part in the experience.  Here is a link to instructions on how to carry your baby using an Ergo: Ergo Instructions.  Please note, this page is for using the infant inserts, look at the tabs above to choose front, back, and hip carries.

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