How do I become a certified infant massage therapist?

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To learn more about IMC | Infant Massage Certification's course and compare, read below this section.

Both research and anecdotal evidence from families have shown that there are many ways that babies and families may benefit from infant massage.  ...the benefits can be grouped into four categories: Interaction, Stimulation, Relief and Relaxation.  

...It cost $650 to get certified and you must be 18 years of age.  Here are the details, we should note – it’s not easy!

To become certified, one must:

Attend the four day (five days if translated into another language) practical training...

  • Complete practice teachings with families.
  • Successfully complete studying, exam and evaluations.

You get to teach parents how to massage their babies for confident bonding, attachment and communication, complete health and happiness!


IMC | Infant Massage Certification offers online training available to you as soon as you are registered for the course.

Our program is comprehensive and teaches you everything you need to confidently teach parents and caregivers the healing art of loving touch.

Infant Massage Therapy is similar to adult massage therapy, it is a complementary treatment that uses therapeutic massage techniques to relax and create holistic integration.

Specifically, infant massage therapy includes laying of the hands, as well as rubbing and stroking an infant's muscles in a manner specifically designed for them.

Premature infants also benefit from infant massage, however this form of touch is light energetic, loving touch, or intentional holding.

Babies find a gentle laying on of hands very relaxing — even therapeutic because of the five senses. Touch is the one that’s most developed at birth, and there’s research to suggest that infant massage has enormous benefits for helping babies grow and thrive.

How long does it take to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor?

IMC | Infant Massage Certification includes 7 main chapters that cover different parts of the body.
There are also 4 additional chapters with resources and bonus material.
Each chapter takes less than one hour.
Videos and chapters are in depth and provide comprehensive, easy to understand lessons that help you gain the knowledge you need to confidently teach parents and caregivers infant massage. 
Register here: and get instant access to begin the training today.

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