Moby vs. Boba Carrier Reviews

I am reviewing their WRAPS, both products come in other carrier options.

For ME, I found Moby Wrap to be awesome. They actually are both great, and once again, preference trumps all. The biggest difference to me was the fabric’s elasticity. I preferred the feel of the Moby because it was sturdy, it felt like my baby was very secure in there. Moby’s fabric is thicker, which is probably what makes it stronger.

mobyw-ol-laven-300<< Moby vs. Boba>> Square_Boba_Wrap-Beige

Side note, Moby is loved by many of my wrap-wearing mom friends. Not that I haven’t heard moms say they like Boba Wraps, just not nearly as much.

So, just so we’re clear, I loved the Moby Wrap. The funny thing is, I bought the Boba!

The reason being, in general, I run really hot.  And because it was August and Moby was so darn thick, I thought at the time that I would use the Boba until the weather got a little colder then go back and get Moby. I got home with my Boba and after a few attempts of wearing Zander, who at the time was a little over 2 months, I returned the Boba.

He’s not a big baby by any means but the weight of his little baby body kept stretching out the fabric. He would start at my heart, kissing distance to the top of his head, and end up at my waist, in a very awkward and uncomfortable position. I had to support him, basically carrying him with my arms, so what’s the point?! I tried to tie the wrap tighter, but there just wasn’t a perfect balance.

If you’re looking for a lighter, stretchier material, go with Boba, it really is a top-rated, well-made product. If you want something a little sturdier, and you’re not a walking oven in the middle of August, definitely go with Moby. Here are the user instructions for each: Moby Instructions and Boba Instructions.

(Moby avg price $40 / Boba avg price $35)

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