Zolo Sling Review


Ahhhhhh, The Zolo Sling.

Ahhhhh….or should I say…arrrrggghhhhh!!

Ok. This was my first carrier. It was a gift. I

’ll have to post a picture of the one I have, it is so beautiful. I mean really, look at the woman above carrying this very content baby.

The design, the style, the print – it’s fabulous!

Well, not for me.

Not at all.

Come to find out, ring slings are usually best worn when you’re baby is at least 6 months, at an age when they are holding their head up unassisted.

The problem is that without that knowledge, which applies to most of us, unless MAYBE you’re 6 feet tall which I am far from, when you look at their site and you see all the tutorials and youtube videos and instructions, you think it MUST be okay for a newborn.

Yeah. Good Luck with that.

I would like to believe that in a couple of weeks when Zander is 6 months old that I could joyfully pull out this gorgeous sling and effortlessly put him on my hip, carefully skipping through my day.

The cracks in this fairy tale are many.

First of all, most veteran sling wearers will tell you, ring slings take a lot of getting used to. There is a learning curve with them that may be steep for some of us. And by us, I mean me.

I think if you are at least 5’7″ or have a body frame that I just don’t have, then this sling may be perfect for your slightly older, hip carried baby. The problem is that for me, the rings are huge. They are so big that I can’t put them in any position that is not digging into me somehow.

I think if you’re taller, you have more space to work with, therefore, possibly not enduring any pain or discomfort.

I have to say, I love the beauty of this sling. I love their website. They offer so much support and guidance and they seem like a really nice company.

I am so tempted to try a different style carrier from their line of products, I really am.

And one thing you can count on… I will be pulling out that sling again. You know when the frustration of trying to make something work becomes a personal challenge? That right, it’s me against the sling.

Would I say buy? Yes, if you are taller with an older baby, please do! And then write to me and tell me about your experience! Pah-leaze!


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