Infant Massage Classes for Parents


We're here to help you (and your baby) relax.

Learn bedtime routines and massage techniques to improve bonding, sleep, and health. Private Zoom classes available by appointment.


we help parents connect more with their babies


Sleep deprivation is common and it can really take a toll. Infant Massage helps to improve (everyone's) sleep cycles. 


Massaging your baby forms secure attachment which is a healthy and necessary part of your little one's development. 


Listening to your baby's cues and trusting yourself are valuable gifts that will stay with you for years to come.

Professional CIMI's

Becca Starr and her team of Certified Infant Massage Instructors help you feel confident in giving your baby a massage, and support you in adding new levels of peace to your home.

Online is Easy

Thanks to 2020, we've gotten very comfortable at providing instruction through the camera. Our set up is well-lit, using high-quality audio and internet, and with good angles so that you feel like you're in the same room. You won't miss a thing, and we're happy to go at a pace that feels best for you.

changing lives

We bring peace to the world by giving peace to our children. If you're interested in becoming a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, please let us know.


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